GBG Has Revealed Their New Pay Plan!

The Top 10 Reasons Why GBG is Different!

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1.  Free Sign Up! – Unlike most companies that charge a sign-up fee, GBG gives you a FREE Corporate Marketing Site, FREE back office and an Unlimited Earning Opportunity for buying any ONE product monthly – just by becoming a customer for a little as $39.97!  And what is the product?

GBG 10 In One

GBG 10 In One

2.  Monthly Qualifier -  Unlike most companies that require you to spend over $100 or $150 and more every month just to be able to receive income from your team, GBG allows everyone in any position or rank to earn the full amount available to them by just purchasing any one product per month at $39.97 or more.  Also,  you get paid from the very first customer;  you don’t have to wait until you have two!

3.  Self Balancing “2×2″ Matrix! – Unlike most other companies that offer a unilevel pay plan, stair-step breakaway or a binary standard forced matrix, GBG has “changed the game” with its revolutionary Regenerating Matrix with true spillover! (sorry for all that lingo, for more explanation, go to my website at

4.  30 Levels of Pay! - Unlike most other companies that usually pay only 7 or 8 levels, GBG pays you for up to 30 levels of sales  and as  your team grows so do your checks.

5.  The Power of Pay Points! – Unlike most other companies where you can get paid once from any sale in your organization; GBG invented and copyrighted Pay Points that allow you to get paid two, three, four or five times on your downline sales!

6.  Highest Quality – Value Priced Products - Unlike most other companies that overprice their products in order to pay commissions and still maintain high profit margins, GBG’s business philosophy is to maintain a lower overhead and take as thin a “slice of the pie” as possible to run corporate.  Then by paying as much as possible to the distributors who are growing the GBG “pie”, they’ll grow a bigger “pie” than anyone has ever seen!

7.  Weekly and Monthly Checks! - Unlike most other companies that only pay monthly, GBG pays Monthly AND Weekly!

8.  No Gimmicks, No Gotchas!  Unlike most other companies that use minimal percentage ratios of group volume points, personal volume points and commissionable volume points as gimmicks, never having them equal the full dollar amount being spent, GBG pays out in Dollars, not in points!

9.  GBG’s Owners are Network Marketers! - Unlike most other companies where the owners take their pay in corporate profits, GBG’s owners are distributors that get paid equally and fairly just like everyone else.  This means that if they want a raise, we all get raises – and if they were to do anything to take money away from the pay plan, it would reduce their pay as well.  There’s no such thing as a Corporate “us” and or vs. “them” mentality with GBG.  We are are truly all on ONE GBG TEAM!

10.  Total Transparency! - Unlike most other companies, the owners at GBG keep no secrets from their field leaders. Because they themselves are active distributors, they understand the importance of  relationships and leadership in building long-term success.  Stuart and Michael will never take you for granted because they understand without the dedication of their leaders . . . they would have no business.

My apologies, again,  for the “lingo”.  For more explanation, please visit my website at:  (that’s .NET not .com  :)

Or you can always call me, Ann, at 541-687-1483 if you would like to have more information.

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GBG Dec. 16 Message Re: 2014 The New Pay Plan


GBG has GREAT THINGS PLANNED there has never been a better time to be in GBG! The time to start your GBG business is now!

  • This call unveils everything that 2014 has in store for all of us here at GBG!
  • New Website
  • New Video
  • New Business Overview Kit Marketing System
  • New Platinum Packages
  • New Increased Platinum Package Fast Start Pay
  • New Increased Enroller Bonus
  • New Increased and SIMPLIFIED Platinum Promotion Pay Make 2014 the year that all your financial dreams come true!

Here’s the new video mentioned in this call!


Call me anytime 800-798-0880



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Wait Until You See All The New Enhancements to GBG’s Pay Plan

xmas 09 011teeth A

Being in the middle of the busiest times of the year, baking cookies (I can’t even tell you how many shortbread cookies I made this year . . . Hundreds!!!) wrapping and shipping presents and starting to tackle the Christmas cards, there was still time to check in on the webinar!  You know . . . the webinar where we had a chance to peek at the new pay plan.

It’s fabulous!  It will be an easy plan to learn, to teach and to be successful with.  It’s like we are all getting a big raise!   It’s really a plan we can run with.  I’m excited about this one.  The entire plan will be revealed on the January 2nd webinar.   I can hardly wait to share it with you.  And I will.

You know, there is one thing about me and that is that I cannot wait to open my presents and if I know that something really wonderful is coming, it’s just difficult for me to w..a..i..t.  But I will and I’ll be blogging my face off here as soon as the webinar is over.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season AND full of fun and love, friends and family.

Check out my website at:

Questions?  Call me – 541-687-1483

Coming next – Relief from Allergies with GBG!




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Very Special Year End/New Year Conference Call with GBG Founder, Stuart Finger

GBG 10 In One

GBG 10 In One

Join us on this call and find out about everything that 2014 has in store for all of us here at GBG.

Here are some of the things we will learn about:

  • New website
  • New Video
  • New Business Overview Kit Marketing System
  • New Increased Enroller Bonus Paid on your personal customers for every GBG product sold!
  • Lots more . . .

This GBG Business Opportunity can help you make 2014 the year that all your financial dreams come true!

Don’t miss the call!

Monday December 16, 2013 at 6pm Pacific Time

Dial 832-225-5846, Pin Code 75143#

Call me if you miss the call or if you were on the call and want to know more at:  1-800-798-0880

Ann Fuller


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Why I Chose The GBG Business Opportunity – Read Why You Need to Act Before 12/31/13

I have been a network marketer for a long time.  Because of the difficult economy right now, not everyone has the up-front investment required by so many companies. Many people do have the investment but it is important to have an opt-in for those who don’t so that they can earn income and upgrade their pay status later.  So I looked for a business that had the option of a free opt-in and a great product.  I found that in GBG!  Problem Solved!  But what I was not expecting to find in GBG was a free website (two actually) and a free back office.  Usually the back office will cost $25 a month or more and the website is usually $15 and up each month.  GBG gives you this for free when you purchase your first product whether you are a customer or someone looking to earn some extra money or a significant income.  WOW!  I could hardly believe my eyes and am excited to have this to offer you.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

Now, for those of you who do have the start-up package purchasing dollars, it is better to opt-in for the Platinum package for $199.97 ($220 retail value) as that will give you increased pay right away.

If you are deciding you want to opt-in later with the Platinum package, that is always possible, but please know that beginning January 1, 2014, the Platinum package will cost $399.97 (will contain an increased $430 retail value).

Enrolling as a Platinum Distributor before December 31, 2013 with the purchase of the $199.97 ($220 retail value) Platinum Action Package, you will receive in the mail:

GBG Platinum PackageMAPkg2-1_150x150

  • 2 canisters of MA+IGP
  • 1 bottle of GBG’s 10-in-One Super Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  • 1 MA+IGP brochure
  • 1 MA+IGP shaker cup

And there is a way you can get your money back.  Simply enroll 3 more friends as Platinum Distributors – by December 31, 2013.  It works like this:

When you enroll your first Platinum Distributor with the $199 Platinum Action Package by December 31, 2013,  you receive:  $40 in Fast Start Pay.

Enroll your second Platinum Distributor with the Platinum Action Package by December 31, 2013, and receive:  another $40 in Fast Start Pay.

Enroll your third Platinum Distributor with the Platinum Action Package by December 31, 2013, and receive:  another $40 in Fast Start Pay.

Since you have enrolled three Platinum Distributors by December 31, 2013, you receive:  an additional amount of $80 in Fast Start Pay.

$40+$40+$40+$80 = $200 and you have received your money back!


  • You become a Presidential Platinum! (this means you earn more)
  • You receive your first Pay Point! (See video below)
  • You become eligible to be paid up to 30 levels of Matrix Pay!
  • For every NEW Platinum Distributor you personally enroll with the Platinum Action Package, you’ll receive $40 in Fast Start Pay AND a FREE Pay Point! (See 8k/month club video below)


I love GBG – the company with a heart!

Call me about this; We have until December 31st – Ann Fuller 1-800-798-0880.


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